TSK Gifts | Personalised Recycled Bottle Bracelet – C

TSK Gifts | Personalised Recycled Bottle Bracelet – C


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Recycled Bottle Bracelets

You can’t change the past but you can change the future!

This adjustable string bracelet has been made from recycled plastic bottles gathered from many parts of the world.

What do the three colours of the bracelet represent?

Black: Represents the colour of waste and carbon choking up our planet. Everybody needs to recycle and reduce their carbon footprint.

White: Represents the colour of recycling, of purity and of cleanliness. This happens when we actually take action and realise our responsibilities.

Blue: Represents the colour of our skies and seas, the expansiveness and the freedom that both bring to our improved wellbeing.

Suitable for approx ages 8+