The Kiss Co | Ten Little Kisses For You

The Kiss Co | Ten Little Kisses For You


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Follow the Ten Little Kisses as they make their way from the clouds, to the hills, to the seas – to you!

Captivate your littlest loved one with the soothing rhythm and joyful images of this melodic first picture book.
The book follows the familiar ‘One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians’ song, but with Kisses!

Black and white shapes are proven to capture a young baby’s attention, allowing developing eyes to focus and concentrate, and giving the mind a rest from the overwhelming stimulation of the world.

As baby’s attention span grows, the playful illustrations offer plenty for her to discover and explore. With a cuddle and smooch on every page, Ten Little Kisses is sure to become baby’s favourite time of the day.

A treasured family keepsake, from baby to beyond. 100% New Zealand written and illustrated by Ami Muir and Becky Lazarevic.

14cm x 14cm board book, made to withstand little hands.