No Nasties | Guilt Free Glitter – Blossom

No Nasties | Guilt Free Glitter – Blossom


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Blossom is the tangible version of 14 littlies screeching and laughing with glee, bouncing around in tutu’s with cupcake on their little fingers and faces and of course, on the couch, rug and posh Bev’s Gucci trench coat that she bought on her last trip to Barcelona in 2019.

Well, Bev wasn’t impressed, but Blossom really is a stunning mix of pink, purple and white, just like the famous No Nasties Nala pack!

What you receive | 1 x ‘Blossom’ Bioglitter 10g Glass Jar packaged in a gift ready cardboard box.

So, you may be wondering what happens to your Bioglitter® when it’s done all it can for you?

Well, because it is made from plants and not plastic, no matter where is ends up, Mother Nature will break it down within 90 days.