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KidzLabs | Mousetrap Racer


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Transform the power of a mousetrap into energy that will set this cool race car into motion!
Zoom over 15 meters (50ft) across the floor with just a spring and a string, no batteries required.

– 1x front baseplate (narrow) with spring and wire frame installed
– 1x rear baseplate (wide) with axle and winding drum installed
– 1x set arm cap case (base and cover)
– 1x set arm holder case (base and cover)
– 1x short axle
– 2x connecting rods
– 1x windingarm
– 4x small wheels
– 4x large wheels
– 1 length of string
– screws
– 1x adhesive foam
– 1x sticker
– detailed instructions

Also required but not included – small crosshead screw driver

Suitable approx age 8+