Kidrobot ‘Bots Mini Series (Case of 20)

Kidrobot ‘Bots Mini Series (Case of 20)


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Case consists of 20 blinds.

Bring on the ‘botness!

Eleven ‘bots from the KR ‘hood have gathered to be 3-inch vinyl versions of Kidrobot’s classic icon. Stylized and suited up to resonate awesome, these fresh figures articulate at the head and arms, and are dressed to fit their different personas – punks, gangsters, boxers – you name it!

What gangster sleeps with a Teddy bear? KidGangster, that’s who! And who carries a crowbar? Only the perfect KidVandal. Jam out with KidPunk, rob a bank with KidPrisoner, or tag your KR pride with KidBomber.

Series includes 11 blind boxed figures in all… grab one, or the whole KR posse.