Hinkler | Create Your Own – Dreamcatchers and Wall Hangings

Hinkler | Create Your Own – Dreamcatchers and Wall Hangings


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Dreamcatchers and wall hangings are a popular and beautiful way to add detail and interest to your space.
For centuries, ancient American cultures have believed in the power of the dreamcatcher to filter out bad dreams and nightmares.
These days, people also use dreamcatchers and wall-hangings for decorative purposes, putting modern twists on this traditional form of artwork.

In Create Your Own Dreamcatchers and Wall Hangings, crafter extraordinaire Annalea Hart introduces seven stunning projects, including an ethereal feather mobile, a green-catcher using air-plants, a stunning floral wall-hanging and four other striking projects.
Featuring handy hints, step-by-step photography, as well as inspiration to use these designs as a jumping-off point, this kit includes everything you need to create one stunning dreamcatcher and shows how anyone can create a dreamy space in their own home.

What’s Included
– 1 hoop
– White thread
– White ribbon
– White twine
– 1 crochet hook
– 10 white feathers
– 30 small pearl beads
– 11 geometric beads
– 9 oval beads

Suitable for ages 8+