Green Science | Eco Engineering – Solar Rover

Green Science | Eco Engineering – Solar Rover


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Place your solar rover on a smooth floor surface on a sunny day and watch it zip along. No batteries are required. The solar rover’s solar panel turns sunlight into the electricity that runs the motor. Recycle a soda can to make your solar rover unique. It’s a science project that’s green as well as fun!

– chassis with rear axle in place
– front axle
– wheel (x4)
– motor with wire and gear installed
– motor cover
– solar panel support arm component set (base joint, short arm section, long arm section and top joint)
– solar panel holder
– reflector panel (x2)
– transparent chassis body
– screws
– reflective stickers (x2)
– detailed instructions

– 2016 A’ Design Award in Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design – Gold A’ Design Award (Italy)
– 2015 Red Dot Award – Product Design 2015 (Germany)
– 2014 Hong Kong Design Center, Design for Asia Awards – Bronze Award (HK)
– 2012 Federation of Hong Kong Industries – Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Innovative & Creativity (HK)
– 2011 Brazil Award for Excellence Toy – Excellence in Toy (Brazil)
– 2010 American Specialty Toy Retailing Association, Best Toys for Kids – Scientific Play (USA)

Suitable ages 8+