Getting Lost | The Date Night Edition

Getting Lost | The Date Night Edition


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Date Night Edition

Designed as an add on to the getting lost game – these additional 10 misdirection cards give you 10 date night specific activities and directions to do while ou playing the getting lost game!

Whether it’s your 10 year wedding anniversary or your third date, Valentines Day or just a night without the kids – these 10 cards are specially designed to make an epic date night.

You’re going to have no idea where you are going or what you are doing when you set out but at the end of date night you will have danced, stared into each others eyes (and because we all know that’s cheesy and oh so awkward the first one to laugh will be buying drinks), you’ll have photos, a date night souvenir, a letter, narrowed the dinner and dessert choices down and depending how old you were when you met – potentially a long drive!

This booster pack has a mix of activity based and direction cards.  We recommend for maximum adventure that you combine this edition with a direction Booster Pack for a short game or a Standard, Te Reo Edition for a longer game.