Getting Lost Game – Te Reo

Getting Lost Game – Te Reo


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The Getting Lost Game – a unique game designed right here in New Zealand to get wonderfully lost and explore new places.
Purposefully offline, The Getting Lost Game is designed to inspire adventures and get people out of what they know and explore that untravelled path.
Each kit contains 25 “misdirection cards” which give you random directions to discover new places where ever you are in the country.

The Te Reo Edition has all the same 26 misdirection cards you are used to (things like turn left or right, head to the highest point you can see) but on the back of each card now Rosie and Kuru have translated our directions into te reo Māori. It’s a brilliant way to bring te reo Māori into your everyday life as you learn the different direction cards.

Perfect for a family day out – pack a picnic and ‘Get Lost’!!

Available in a hard cover or soft pack.

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