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Errol is a cheeky and adventurous young penguin, and when he is reluctant to follow his mother, she tries the age-old trick of counting to three and announcing she is leaving.
This inspires Errol to start moving…but not towards his mother. Instead, while her back is turned, the intrepid Errol tunnels through the snow and embarks on a series of adventures under the ice.
Clutching Errol’s abandoned hat to her chest, Errol’s mother is lying on the snow bemoaning his loss when Errol finally reappears and cheerfully announces to her that if she does not come with him right now he will count to three.
Delighted at his reappearance, his mother’s reaction makes this playful story both heartwarming and benignly reassuring to the very young reader

– Approx Sixe 25cm x 27cm
– Hardcover
– 20 Pages