Cartamundi | Colour Addict

Cartamundi | Colour Addict


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The aim is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible by playing the right colour, or The right word, or both, or vice versa! How to play – shuffle and distribute all cards, equally, between players. The players have 3 cards in their hands, The rest of their cards being a personal deck. On each card is written a colour, which can be written in several different colours. One by one, The players will put a Card on the table, but be careful, it is necessary that your card matches with the card on the top of the game by colour or by word.

At the end of his turn, the player draws a Card from his personal deck, so that he always has 3 cards in his hand. If there are already more than 3, the player does not draw a Card after playing. If you cannot put a Card, draw one and pass your turn. The first player who manages to get rid of all his cards won.

2-6 Players.

Suitable for ages 7+