Battat | Stackin’ Boats

Battat | Stackin’ Boats


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Stay afloat with rainbow boats!

Ahoy matey! Your little one is the captain of the bathtub, so they’re in charge of this fleet of colorful toy boats. All ten of them stack and connect, so it’s a breeze coming up with fun games! Connect them in order of the rainbow or stack them as high as you can! They also feature the numbers 1 through 10, so your baby can practice number recognition and get a head start on counting. No matter how your child plays, they’ll be developing dexterity and hand-eye coordination. These boats are made of durable materials so your little one can voyage to the pool or beach for some outdoor playtime.

10 PIECES: 10 numbered toy boats
What you should know:

  • Ten colorful boats that stack, connect, and float!
  • Featuring the numbers 1 through 10, these boats are great to practice counting with.
  • These bath toys are stackable for convenient storage.
  • Improve fine motor skills and color recognition as you play!
  • These bath toys are recommended for babies 6 months and older.