Battat | Bug Hotel

Battat | Bug Hotel


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Treehoppers, ladybugs, caterpillars… There’s room for plenty at the Bug Hotel.

Become quite the bug expert with this fabulous Bug Hotel from B toys.
Grab the bug-friendly tweezers, find a beetle or a caterpillar… and pop it in this kids’ bug catching kit.

Discover tiny crawlers and all their wonders. With a convenient handle, a ventilated lid, a tropical design, bright colors and funky features, the Tiki Retreat is the coolest insect collection kit to house bugs in! T
his bug hotel is sure to provide splendid views with the clear dome that allows seeing them crawl from every angle possible.

Comes with easy-grab tweezers that double as a magnifier.
This critter catching kit is sized perfectly for tiny fingers.

Suitable for ages 4+