$10 Friday Grail Hunt Mystery Box

$10 Friday Grail Hunt Mystery Box


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$10 Friday Grail Hunt Mystery Box

Mystery Box includes:
(1) Random Funko Pop

Top Items:
(1) Clone Trooper (Blue Box)
(1) Bane
(1) Dabi (NYCC Sticker!)
(1) Taika Waititi (Summer Convention)

20% Common Pops / 80% Not Common Pops (Retired/Chase/Exclusive)

Limits: (1) mystery box per order.  Multiple boxes in a single order will be canceled.  You are welcome to place as many orders as you like.  

Understand the risks.  The only guarantee we give you is that you will receive (1) random Funko Pop.  By ordering multiples, there is a possibility you receive a duplicate.  All boxes are prepacked and sealed prior to labeling.  All sales are final.